As we are closing into a new year, we are seeing changes in the contact center industry, which has been steadily progressing over the past few years. Contact center trends in 2020 will dramatically evolve this industry as we know it.

For instance, regardless of where your queries or errands come from, it should be easy for agents to manage and track on a single platform. Thus, making omnichannel initiatives to be essential for all industries to remain relevant in the competitive business climate.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s get into the emerging contact center trends for 2020.

In-Depth Analytics

To grow your business, you will need frequent analytics report to manage and possibly prevent any possible roadblock your agents might face. Having access to in-depth analysis will provide information on how certain issues may affect your business. It is also important to note that these data will also help your agent to improve customer experience. 

Cention provides detailed reports for every stage. As an example, managers can view agent’s handling time on every channel or area they are working on. They can also choose to view the report in table or chart format for a better visual representation. 

AI Integration

The future is now! Recent development has proven that we are stepping closer than ever into the realm of sci-fi movies. The integration of Artificial Intelligence technology into contact center industry helps to enhance customer experience and cover any weakness made by human agents and vice versa. 

Cention enables the integration between bots and live agents. Any queries that are unable to be answered by the bots will be generated as eerands for live agents to handle. This creates a more flexible and responsive customer experience, as well as improving Cention’s 360 view.

Cloud Computing

We are seeing more contact centers deploying cloud-based systems in recent years. Some organizations are still reluctant to migrate due to reasons such as the fear of having to amortize new assets. Despite this, many are taking the initiative to give their agents cloud access. This gives them a more flexible working conditions, with a borderless access from anywhere. We are expecting to see this to grow even further in 2020.

Through Cention’s cloud system, agents are given the opportunity to complete errands from any location. Agents may also access any files, reports and other documents within the platform at any time. This allows for greater accessibility and flexibility for agents to complete their task with improved efficiency.

Improved Cloud Security

In this age, cyber threats are real issues that need to be dealt with swift and secure executions. Improving the cloud access for your business is crucial to avoid any cyber espionage from happening to your valuable data. 

Having secure access has been proven to be important in the long run for any business. At Cention, access will be restricted to only certain IP addresses on Any personnel that uses different IP addresses will not be able to access your system on Cention, ensuring the safety of your precious data and information.

One Platform to Rule Them All

With the emergence of multiple communication channels, it becomes harder for agents and managers to manage customer communication tasks. Thus, it is very important to have an omnichannel platform that covers all communication channel. 

With Cention, customer queries can be compartmentalized into convenient errands. Agents and operators will have an overall view of all incoming and ongoing interactions, regardless of voice calls, SMS, chat or web forms. This improves the efficiency and productivity of your business, ensuring a maximized communication experience with your customers!

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