SMS Support

Establish an engaging two-way SMS conversation between the agent and the customer in real-time

Why Cention?

Benefits of SMS Support

SMS Support

It is Simple and Easy to Use

The SMS messaging platform simplifies and streamlines the process of sending recurring messages, creating templates, sending bulk SMS, sending a single SMS, and getting real-time reporting, among other features.

SMS Support

SMS Communication is Affordable

SMS is a reliable method of sending and receiving messages at all times, reaching the intended recipients quickly and efficiently. Automatically convert emails sent from an agent’s computer into text messages.

SMS Support

Reach Your Customers 24/7

SMS has the potential to revolutionise your company’s interactions with customers by replacing time-consuming and labour-intensive manual methods. Customers are always with their phones, so let customers get to you easier.

Why Cention?

Why have SMS Support?

Integrated Quality Management

There are a variety of resources available to managers that want to assist agents with SMS conversations. Measurements of customer satisfaction (CSAT), sentiment (through any channel), ratings, screen monitoring, and so on are all a part of quality management.

Improve Agent Efficiency

Help agents reply to customers effectively. This includes a wide variety of features, such as access to a Knowledge Base, the ability to use canned responses, the AI-recommended suggestions, send and receive files as attachments, customer's location, transfer the SMS interaction to another agent, and more.

Customer Data Collection

An easy-to-configure screen pop can be added to the customer service journey to collect information before the consumer even speaks with an agent. It will improve agent productivity when agents don't have to spend time figuring the customer and what they need.

Skill-based Routing

Automated routing can be customised to meet the requirements of every business, whether that's to prioritise the routing of calls or to route clients to agents who are skilled in handling the customer request. Routing can be set up and controlled with our robust Contact Center Administrator application.

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