Personalize your customer support with Video Call

Solve customer issues faster and get personalized with your customers.

A single platform for all Engagements

We bring together all communication channels into one seamless pure omni-channel software for customer interaction

Why Video Call Support?

Reduce Cost

Have immediate real-time conversations with customers via video calls with your customers.

Increase performance with quality analytics

Cention Analytics will help you have more control of your customer support quality.

Increase Trust with customers

Having a face-to-face conversation helps customers feel more at ease and build trust with our brand.

Solve issues faster

Exchange accurate information in real-time and eliminate misunderstandings.

Video Chat Errand

Each video call errand will be created, making it easy to track, prioritize and follow-up with customers.

Screen Share and Co-browse

The same screen may be shared and accessed simultaneously by agents and customers to facilitate real-time information exchange while preserving the privacy and security of confidential information.

Keep track of your agents

Monitor your agent’s performance in real time using detailed analytics to assure that all calls are of high quality and to consistently enhance the quality of your contact center agents.

Clients are talking

Reputation by association is alright by us.

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