Let’s wrap up 2019! It’s the last day of the year. The contact center industry 2019 leaves us to reminisce, especially for us – as we celebrate our two decades serving the contact center industry from events to adding new features to our system helping us understand a lot about what the industry needs. Making your business easier and creating customer satisfaction has always been our biggest mission. Not just for you. But for your customers too!


Issues Keeping the Contact Center Up at Night


We want to unveil some of the ongoing thoughts and ideas and offer insight as we move into the new year in how to make improvements. Regardless of the location or the event, the subjects that keeps resurfacing includes:


  • Contact Center Culture
  • Employee engagement & Turnover
  • Job flexibility
  • Long hold times
  • Balanced workload
  • Handle time
  • Tech for all channels


It’s a long and revealing list. There are many pain points and they all stand in the way of providing outstanding customer experience (CX) that is being sought by everyone. So what can be done to resolve these issues? There’s a lot! Here’s the starting point.


Focusing on Culture

Contact Center culture is something we’ve talked a lot about. We blogged about ways to improve the environment of contact centers, the importance of collaboration among contact center agents, creating better customer journey when choosing the right contact center software and discussed how the importance of customer communication management can make a huge difference. If you really want to make long-lasting cultural changes, you need to:


  • Consistently look to create a positive environment between agents.
  • Hire the right people, who believes in your goals, strive to want to be the best of the best and who want to learn and bring their all to work everyday.
  • Ensure your workers believe that you trust their instincts and knowledge enough to let them go off script.
  • Give your workers the technology that enables them to do their best.


Do all this, and you will definitely improve your environment, staff will become more involved and your turnover will be lower. Perhaps all this sounds ambitious, but one step at a time, it can be done. Your company will not only benefit, but every customer served too!


Smart bots is a MUST


A thing of the past should be long processing periods. And of course, here we’re progressing. We are sometimes sent to bots instead of waiting times to answer common questions. But not just any old bot is going to do that. It is hoped that 2020 will become the year in which more companies will adopt and deploy a clever bot. This is the sort of functionality that prevents customer returns over and over. Remember that people and bots together create a better CX.


Now, Shine in 2020


These tips are an excellent starting point if you want to meet some of the biggest challenges in next year’s industry. But don’t stop just there, you will want to help your agents as much as possible, from better training and coaching to improve workflows, to having an innovative customer support in every possible way! It all begins with the right technology solutions to motivate people who make or break the CX and to decide if they become a customer for life.


We’re excited to see what 2020 will bring to the Contact Center industry. As customers too, we’ve been waiting.

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