Whatsapp has become one of the most preferred messaging applications with 55 billion messages sent everyday. With 1.6 billion users in over 180 countries, the in-demand messaging platform is well known for its optimized security level. Ever since Whatsapp Business was launched in 2018, the platform has turned into one of the most preferred communication channels for both businesses and professionals.

Whatsapp Business API with Cention


Whatsapp Integration with Cention contact center platform improves efficiency and flexibility for our users around the world. Manage all incoming interactions, generate custom reports based on customer data, and send any documents instantly through the same platform.

As an example, Joe recently bought a home theater set through an online retailer website. However, after receiving his order, he noticed that there was an unusual cracking sound coming from the audio speakers. Unhappy with what he had discovered, Joe wanted to know if he could either get a refund or a replacement set for his purchase. Joe decided to simply send a message to the online retailer’s Whatsapp customer support line instead of sending an email.


After only a few minutes, he received a Whatsapp reply from the customer support with detailed instructions about what he could do to return the current item and make a new order for a replacement set, free of charge. Satisfied, he proceeded to follow the customer support instructions and waited for a new set to arrive. After a few days, Joe was happy to watch his favourite movie with excellent and crisp audio in his living room.

Through the Whatsapp Integration on Cention, Whatsapp messages from customers can be replied instantly by your customer support agents. Customers will no longer have to wait for too long to get the answers they seek. We promise increased business productivity and enhanced customer experience with our Whatsapp Integration!


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