Every great business has to have a great customer support. If you don’t emphasize going above and beyond for your customers, you’re doing something wrong. It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, creating a memorable customer experience is key. Below are a few ways to help you develop a strategy that will boost the success of your business.


Tip #1: Interact with customers with an advanced Omni-channel solution


There’s never a definite answer on how to completely understand your customers. But there are the right tools available to make it easier for businesses to do that. If your business has multiple channels of communication separated from each other, the customer experience can be disjointed and confusing. Customers may want to move their conversation from email to chat and they expect it to be seamless. They’re looking for the simplest solution of resolving their problems. With an omni-channel contact center streamlining all communication channels into one, agents can provide outstanding customer support and exceed customer expectations.


Does your existing technology emphasize on omni-channel? Is your business software unified and truly omni-channel?


Tip #2: Provide a great customer support by being conversational and personable with customers


As chatbots answer more common questions, we’re seeing the rise of the ‘super agent’. Agents should be able to answer more complex questions off script. Now there is more space for agents to fully personalize their experiences. And that’s another way Cention can make a difference. Cention allows agents to view a full record of customer interaction before, during and after a conversation with a customer. The more information available for your agents, the more truly helpful they can be.


Agents have to understand – does the customer want a quick and direct answer or do they like to engage in small talk? It’s crucial for agents in today’s world to be able to solve complex issues and be emotionally able to connect with customers.


Although having an omni-channel contact center is a huge benefit for businesses, it still requires agents to have soft skills. Especially handling disappointed customers, agents should be empowered to make on the spot decisions like issuing a refund, credit or other action. Agents should first understand their customers, address their situation, acknowledge their concerns and tell them how you’re going to fix their problem. You’d be surprised to see how many meaningful conversations you can have with a customer when you go off script.


Tip #3: Be proactive in making things right

Address issues before they escalate. With the right call center, it is easy to identify recurring problems and allow agents to respond proactively. Agents will reach out to clients, fix and work with frequently reported problems until they occur again and again. Cention makes it easy for agents to provide top-notch service to their customers by monitoring, reviewing, and providing advice on how to respond on customer behaviour. Service restoration allows consumers to learn more about the company by fixing complaints before they have to reach out and complain.


A solution built to empower agents


The implementation of the right communication platform begins by offering excellent customer support and empowering your contact center agents. Cention connects businesses with customers. It is the perfect omni-channel solution that allows users to move smoothly between channels on one platform. If this isn’t enticing, we also provide businesses with international accessibility, realtime reliability, usage-based pricing and a 100% SLA uptime guarantee.

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