Customers should not feel burdened to find you. When they do, there is a high chance that they may slip away to your competitors instead. Getting to where customers are is the key to keeping them close to your business.


Don’t let them come to you. Reach out to your customers before they have to reach you.


No one enjoys going through hoops to get what they want. That is human nature. Often, the simpler things are, the better. Hence, it is up to businesses to keep coming up with improvements for better customer experience. 


How exactly can you know what to improve? It’s quite simple; by listening to your customers.  But first, you have to ensure that customers can reach you easily. 


Here are three ways of getting to where customers are.


Getting to Where Customers Are Through Social Media


It should be a priority to have a definite social media presence. This modern platform works wonders for reaching your potential and existing customers. While emails, texts, and calls are still widely used by customers, social media has also become one of the main channels to engage with businesses.


It is also easier to gain customer feedback through social media. Interaction on this platform goes both ways. Businesses can take advantage of this by providing engaging content on their social media platform, but more on that in a bit. 


However, keeping track of all interaction across multiple platforms can be difficult. What you need is a powerful omnichannel platform that can manage all interactions across different channels with ease.


Getting to Where Customers Are with Content


According to this infographic from Perfect Search Media, 81% of customers will start to research before making their purchase. But what does this mean exactly?


They will look at product comparisons, reviews, articles, or any form of content that will help them to make their decision. Now, here is where you come in; by creating content about your services. The more you have, the better!


Creating videos work exceptionally well in capturing your potential customers’ attention. According to Social Media Today, up to 64% of people who watch videos are more likely to buy the products that they are researching.


Dig Deep for Data


Businesses gather data. That is widely known. Unfortunately, only a fracture of that data is used to make improvements or create new ideas. Customers can move to other service providers if they feel that businesses are not listening to what they have to say.


Keeping these data in silos will only drag your business progress down. Agents, especially, will have problems handling complicated questions about customer journey. Furthermore, it can affect your targeting criteria when you are attempting to reach out to your customers. These data should be accessible and utilized by your agents to allow a 360° view of information between you and your customers.


As we have stepped into the digital age, data has become a precious resource for many. What’s great is that these data can be easily accessed and they can provide valuable information you need. Therefore, businesses should be proactive in gathering customer insights. 


Are they satisfied with your service? How can you improve in the future? These are some insightful questions you can ask your customers to generate new ideas and execute improvements. 


With the right platform, collecting the necessary data can be a lot easier!


The Right Platform 


Cention platform allows you to gather data from customers through their interactions with your agents. It also enables you to generate detailed reports from all communication channel, giving you a 360° view on your business progress at all times. 


Connect with your customers through voice calls, SMS, emails, web forms and social media on a single omnichannel platform. Cention guarantees a maximized communication experience for your business and customers!

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