Customer journey mapping allows businesses to understand customer behavior before, during and after purchase of your product or services. The needs and wishes of the customers are constantly changing. It is therefore crucial that your journey map is constantly updated to meet the needs of your customers. When you have a great customer journey mapping, you start to have a better visual view of your customer experience. If customers find it easy to connect with your company, they will purchase more, promote your product to others and, above all, show strong brand loyalty. The best companies make it possible to identify what is required, to connect to whom they want, to use whichever platform they want, and to get the right support when customers need it. With a suitable platform that matches your client’s needs is crucial and will determine how your team can guide your customers appropriately.

Customer Experience: The Winning Secrets

When your customers are happy, so are you. Truthfully speaking, there is no exact formula to deliver a winning customer experience. However, we can all agree that great customer experience includes making things easy for your customers when they interact with your business. A few clicks, a few words, and they get what they want. Above all, customers prefer nothing…


Getting to Where Customers Are: A New Frontier

Customers should not feel burdened to find you. When they do, there is a high chance that they may slip away to your competitors instead. Getting to where customers are is the key to keeping them close to your business.   Don't let them come to you. Reach out to your customers before they have to reach you.   No…


Digitize Documents with Cention x Scannervision Collaboration

Digitize documents with the latest Cention and Scannervision collaboration! This collaboration will allow for greater efficiency and productivity like never before! First and foremost, Scannervision is a software that allows you to capture, process, and store documents and easily upload them to your system or network. Any document, regardless of whether they are scanned, downloaded from emails or other sources, can be…


The Importance of Customer Communication Management

Maintaining good customer communication management is important in all businesses. From handling queries, managing appointments and responding to technical matters, all businesses are required to provide excellent customer communication management to ensure the smoothness and efficiency of their operations. However, is this the case with most, if not all, organizations? Definition of Customer Communication Management Let’s take a look first…


Improve Your Customer Journey

How can you improve your customer journey? Customers have higher expectations and a stronger effect on today's business decisions, as new communication developments and ever-changing technology are taking effect; especially when we reside in an age of constant connections. Customers are relying on a faster and more precise response. Therefore, it is important to always take a step further to…

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