Digitize documents with the latest Cention and Scannervision collaboration! This collaboration will allow for greater efficiency and productivity like never before! First and foremost, Scannervision is a software that allows you to capture, process, and store documents and easily upload them to your system or network. 

Any document, regardless of whether they are scanned, downloaded from emails or other sources, can be transferred through an advanced system called Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

An Efficient Conversion

With this collaboration, hardcopy documents can be  captured and converted into convenient errands on our platform. Agents or admins will be able to keep a record of all customer information, making data processing easier to be done. These converted data can also be attached to customer contact cards as information updates.

For instance, an admin receives a set of paperwork from a patient at Hospital X for new admission. Under normal circumstances, the process of transferring data from the paperwork onto the hospital’s system would take a considerable amount of time. Through Scannervision, the admin can directly convert the information into softcopy files and stored on their system. Information processing can, therefore, be done a lot faster, resulting in better data management!

Some sectors that will benefit most from this collaboration are medical, banking, retail, real estate, government, construction, legal, and logistics. Efficiency will be improved tremendously with this new addition to Cention.

All in One Platform

Cention’s latest integration to unlocks new possibilities to become an even better All in One Platform! Interact with all communication flow from voice calls, social media, emails,web queries, and now, you can even digitize offline documents with a next gen systematic platform that covers all your operation’s needs!

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