Many companies have chosen to use Facebook integration as a means of interacting an engaging with their customers. With over 2.6 billion users monthly and 1.73 billion active users logging in every day. It isn’t hard to imagine why so many businesses large or small are providing their brand’s customer support through Facebook integration as well.

Shorter response time

Being where your customers are anywhere, anytime is the best thing you can do for your business. Whether you’re responding to a Facebook comment or a private message, agents can respond to customers who are reaching out to your brand through Facebook. The last thing you want is to draw negative attention to your brand. Facebook even shows your brand’s average response time for your customers and followers to see.

Customer relationships are easy to build – enhances sales

Facebook is the world’s number one social media platform. Building a relationship with your customers can be an easy task with Cention Contact Center. Why? Cention provides agents with the best tools so your team is able to manage incoming Facebook errands all in one platform without having to go back and forth between the Facebook platform and Cention Contact Center Software. Ultimately, you create increased customer loyalty and enhanced sales.


Cention Facebook Integration

Collaboration is key to creating an above-average customer experience. Cention Contact Center allows agents to collaborate with other agents and external experts with just a single button! Whether that’s Facebook wall post, comment, private message or even Facebook messenger. Agents can also send file attachments to other agents or customers when necessary.

Integrate a Chatbot

Long waiting time is a thing of the past. And sure, we’re making progress. We are often sent to bots to answer our simplest questions instead of being put on hold. But not some old bot will do. It is the year in which more organisations should embrace and deploy a chatbot.

There are many reasons why we feel the bot is the ultimate customer service solution. For example, simple queries can be managed very easily and precisely by chatbots. If your bot is able to reply automatically, including answering simple questions like “How do I reset my password?” or “Where’s my chicken nugget?”. You can save time for your customers and agents!

Facebook Rating

Building customer relationships are key. One online review can instantly change the way a potential or existing customer thinks of your brand because online reviews is the way to gain trust. People are more likely to trust the reviews since their experiences are by real customers.

Cention Contact Center will gather all your brand’s customer rating and present it in a report through our software. Detailed data and reports can easily be created and customized to fit your brand purpose – gain the information you need today.