Collaboration among contact center agents is key to improving response time and ultimately, provide better customer experience. Typically, contact center agents will receive and solve problems on their own. Roadblocks happen when an agent is not able to solve a problem due to their lack of knowledge or experience.


In some places, agents can be very competitive. Especially if it is part of the working culture of that particular contact center. They are required to be efficient when handling communication with customers. In addition to that, they also have to adhere to certain KPIs set. 


However, things can and should change. Here are three reasons why collaboration among contact center agents can improve performance at contact centers.

Collaboration Among Contact Center Agents Allows Better Use of Agents’ Expertise


First off, agents should be grouped according to their respective expertise. For instance, a set of three agents are grouped together as they are well-versed in subject X. Meanwhile, a different set of agents are grouped in a separate team for their expertise in subject Y.


A more seamless customer experience can be enjoyed by allowing these groups to collaborate on tasks that are outside their scope of knowledge. This support is important as agents can cut time scrambling for information. Instead, they can simply reach out to their fellow agents who may have the solution that customers need.


Cention enables agents to collaborate among themselves or with any external experts on the same platform. Agents can acquire assistance to settle queries that are outside of their expertise. Subsequently, this support system will enhance how agents work with each other. Hence, your contact center will enjoy better working and customer experience for all.

Happy Agents, Happy Customers


When more agents are collaborating to complete complex tasks, your contact center will experience a cultural switch. A cooperative and collaborative environment works wonders to increase productivity. Consequently, as your agents become happier and more content at work, customers will undoubtedly enjoy better interactions!


An omnichannel platform like Cention allows agents to collaborate with a single button! Collaboration can be done on a single platform without having to resort to external emails or calls.

Efficiency is Key


Work productivity and efficiency will increase when agents are given the option to collaborate. When competition is moved aside to make way for cooperation, your contact center can drive forward to new heights. As a result, agents will be able to enjoy shorter response time, accurate solutions for customers, and improved feasibility for errand completion.

The Right Solution


Introducing the right solution can help agents to work smoothly through collaboration. An excellent choice for your contact will help agents to perform better, resulting in better customer experience! The solution should promote open and fluid communication between agents and customers. 


Cention is an All in One platform capable of handling communication from web queries, SMS, voice calls, and social media channels! Your agents can also collaborate to complete complicated errands with a single button to maximize communication experience with customers!

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