The information about our terms, policies, intellectual property, and compliance.


Cention, is an expanding multinational company. This area of the site aims to facilitate information and documents for customers, endusers and partners regarding policies, intellectual property, and compliance. If you do not find what you are looking for here, please do not hesitate to contact us 

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is designed to help you to understand what personal data we collect about you and how we use and share it.

Security Policy

Describes the organizational and technical measures Cention implements platform wide designed.

Master Subscription Agreement

A binding contract on you and governs your use of and access to the services by you, agents and end-users subscription to the services.


This DPA forms part of the Agreement and sets out the terms that apply when Personal Data is processed by Cention under the Agreement.


The Data Processing Addendum located at is hereby incorporated by reference.

Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement forms an integrated part of the End User Agreement by and between Cention and the End User.

Support Policy

Capitalized terms used in this Support Policy that are not defined herein have the meanings given to them in the Agreement.


Cention is a data processor and engages certain onward subprocessors that may process personal data submitted to Cention’s services by the controller.


Security measures are continually being developed to circumvent the risk of fraud in electronic documents.

Cookies Policy

Cookies facilitate certain features that can make the on-line experience more convenient and valuable for Web users.

Acceptable Use Policy

A document stipulating constraints and practices that a user must agree to for access to a corporate network or the Internet.

Code of Conduct

we expect our vendors, partners, and others who provide services on behalf of Cention to adhere to the same high standards.

Code of Conduct – Partners

Cention is committed to upholding the fundamental human rights of our employees, and we require Partners to adhere to the same high standards.

Billing Policy

These are the “Pricing Metrics” that are used to calculate your bill. We bill you each month in advance based on what your Pricing Metrics.


Cention’s trademarks and brands are Cention intellectual property and are among our most valuable assets.