Chatbot have the ability to simulate a conversation with a customer through a live chat. Businesses now can use intelligent chatbots, powered by machine learning, chatbots actually review customer data in order to know which questions to ask and what prompts to deliver, chatbots can blend perfectly with live agents to create a better CX.

Anyone can create a product or service that is somewhat really similar. Therefore, delivering a stellar customer experience (CX) has become a main priority to help businesses beat out the competition and no one should be able to copy the personal touch you offer your customers! Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), it’s now possible to use a combination of live agents and chatbots to help enhance your CX.s

Deliver a great chatbot experience

Smooth handover

Agents can step in a single conversation between a chatbot and a customer when needed or requested.

Chatbot management

Every chatbot is treated as an agent – they follow rules, skills, hours etc.

Single point help

Cention allows support for file sharing and attachments. Your chatbot offers a single touchpoint for customer support.

Reporting and analysis

Track chatbot performance and stream chatbot data to your dashboards. Unify reports of all chatbot and agent data.

Chat queue message

The chatbot is able to inform customers of any delay or waiting cue.

For example; “Please hold while we find an agent to assist you. Your current queue position is: 2”.


With information from knowledgebase, you can have a solid foundation for a successful chatbot all powered by Cention.

Train your chatbot

Once you have a good chatbot in place, your chatbot can then gain intelligence within time and cover more conversational areas.

Operation hours for chatbot agent

Categorize your chatbot according to day, time, area and department.

Chatbots delivers plenty of data

Usually, when customers reach out to your contact center, it’s because they have an issue and probably already frustrated too. When an agent answers a call or begins a live chat with a customer, he/she needs to be prepared, or agents will possibly aggravate that already frustrated customer even more! Agents can’t spend all their time searching for the answer while the customer waits. And they don’t need to.

A well-built communication platform with a fully integrated chatbot can automatically carry all information to the agent’s dashboard. Providing reliable service is simpler if agents have a single view of customer information. Exceed customer expectations by automatically gathering customer information and reviews when it’s over. A chatbot can also substitute a form or a survey that usually gets emailed; the chatbot can gather feedback during the conversation before it ends. This will provide more precise and instantaneous data to further enhance the CX.

Chatbots can manage social media interactions

Instead of customers having to raise social media issues, give them contact options to get immediate service instead. Millennials would prefer to contact you on social media sites instead of going back and forth via email, too. It’s a conversational way to get things done without a two-day turnaround to get a response back. Other than being able to automatically generate messages to customers on social media, chatbots can provide round-the-clock customer service support and assist with marketing activities. Social chatbots will do things like allowing your customers to schedule an appointment or even check status of the delivery.

Chatbots provides fast solutions

While there are plenty of occasions when the chatbot isn’t the best CX solution, there are just as many instances when the chatbot is the ultimate customer service solution. For example, easy queries can be handled very quickly and precisely by chatbots. If your bot is able to reply instantly, including answering simple questions like “How do I cancel my order?” or “How do I reset my password?”. Save your customers and especially agents’ time! Even when dealing with more complex questions like, “The remote doesn’t work and I’m not sure what’s wrong”. Chatbots will easily gather the appropriate customer details until they connect to a live agent, saving time for all parties. With Cention omnichannel contact center, customers can also send a screenshot of their issue to a live agent when they are interacting with a agent.

It’s a no brainer – you need to automate tasks that will enrich the overall customer experience. Timesaving is a big win for everybody.

Sometimes a chatbot just isn’t enough

In cases when customers are emotional and out of hand, for example when a customer is having a bad experience, a live agent is needed. Complex questions can also be answered by a live agent. But even when there’s a live agent at work, a chatbot can still be used! A chatbot will provide with real-time data, including customer information and transcript of all that has happened so far. Having intel at your fingertips makes it easy for agents to leap into conversation, take over, and be extremely helpful.

Chatbots + Human provides the best of both worlds

A mixture of automation and human touch is the best option. People want the experience of customer service to feel human! But ML can add value by storing and analysing customer behaviour and giving that data to an agent that results in improved customer service. It should be the ultimate goal!

Here’s a great example; a customer contacts a particular brand to help with a product they have ordered online. An automated reply confirms their request for help and sends an e-mail confirmation with a copy of the submission. A chatbot sends and instant message letting them know how long it will be until they receive a response, and then a live agent reaches out to the customer via their preferred method. Automation sets and manages expectations, while the quality of the service delivered by the live agent offers an opportunity to become impactful. At the end of the interaction, the customer receives a survey giving him/her an opportunity to provide feedback and probably request a follow-up from another representative to ensure customer satisfaction.


Coordinating all tasks across channels and across teams offers customers a seamless experience. If you’re your current communication platform isn’t smart, simple to use and well-built, it’s time to upgrade to Cention. Cention chatbot uses AI and ML data models to improve the function of your contact center agents by optimizing performance without sacrificing quality, and most importantly, human touch. And that’s the exact CX that your company needs to stand apart from your competitors.

Brand loyalty? You bet.