Customer Experience: The Winning Secrets

When your customers are happy, so are you. Truthfully speaking, there is no exact formula to deliver a winning customer experience. However, we can all agree that great customer experience includes making things easy for your customers when they interact with your business. A few clicks, a few words, and they get what they want. Above all, customers prefer nothing…


Collaboration on Cention: A Seamless Working Experience

Answering and solving incoming queries can be unnerving especially when agents are faced with unfamiliar questions from customers. Especially if the contact center lacks the ability to promote collaboration between agents. In 2015, an ICMI study found that 73% of contact centers predicted the complexity of customer contacts to increase significantly. With that in mind, the Collaboration feature on Cention…


Improving Agents Engagement with Customers

Improving agents engagement with customers is a part of the challenge of running a contact center. Just because one method works, it will not promise you the same result every time.    Agents need to be aware of what customers want. Improving agents engagement means that they need to adapt to changes, and they need to do it fast. While…

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