Short Description

Cention is a Contact Center Software, an omnichannel software designed to keep businesses connected with customers. We centralize all communication channels and collect valuable customer data enabling businesses to optimize the quality of customer experience.

The Boilerplate Description

Cention thrives on creating reliable and smooth customer care connections through an all-in-one omnichannel customer support solution. Through a unified platform, we’re enabling businesses to tailor and prioritize customer care, build stronger customer relationships, enhance the quality of customer engagement, and provide the best support around the clock. We manage thousands of business and customer interactions across many industries globally. Companies such as Kingston Technology, NHS, Parkway Pantai, Entrego, DFDS, and AON are some of many companies who rely on Cention to create the greatest customer experiences at scale.

Founded in 1999, Cention is the product of over two decades of collaboration and partners who make it all possible to provide incredible efficiencies and a vast array of capabilities to meet our clients’ contact center needs.

Contact us via email or by phone +6015 4600 0733