Cention Company

Customer Experience
since 1999

Cention is an all-in-one communication software with the goal of strengthening communications with customers and within the company.

Meet Henrik, Chris and Anna. Before launching Cention in 1999, they had a vision to help businesses out there to stay connected with their customers. The goal was to help businesses migrate over from being pure call centers to becoming contact centers with handling not just calls but handling online channels too.

Soon enough, now that online channels like chat, email, SMS, web-forms and especially social media are more popular in the contact center industry than just voice calls. Their mission is to streamline all these channels into one platform making it easier for businesses to handle customer response and customer inquiries.

The first version of Cention contact center was introduced in the early 2000 and was one of the first contact center to provide businesses suggestions or answers automatically using a self-knowledge base.

In August 2007, Cention finalized the acquisition of Askology AB, with patented technology researched and developed for over 15 years at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology for matching language patterns (Natural Language Processing) making Cention one of the Leaders in Automated Correspondence on-line.

Cention is today a key player on the market, working in global partnerships with many of the major voice providers like Enghouse Interactive, Puzzel, Interactive Intelligence and Mitel.

Through Cention’s extensive partner network we have coverage in all European markets, the Americas and Asia.