Cention Chat allows your agents to communicate in real time with your customers and it’s filled with nice features that will make chatting easy and fast. With Cention Reports you can follow up on their work and plan ahead to make sure you have enough agents active for chat when needed.

Some of our key features are:

  • Proactive chat 
  • Chat queue 
  • Text translation 
  • Answer shortcuts 
  • Forward chats to agents and other queues 
  • Invite agent/team leader to a chat for help

With Cention Chat you can add several chats, for example for different divisions within the company or for different languages. You assign agents to the different chats to make sure the right agents answer in the right queues. If all agents’ chat slots are filled up, the customer will wait in a queue for their turn. Different agents can have different numbers of slots; everybody doesn’t need to have the same. We also have a proactive chat that you can add on specific pages to make sure you don’t lose any possible customers.

For agents it’s a joy to work in Cention chat. You will have access to the Q&A and can also add shortcuts to answers that are used a lot while chatting, to be able to answer even faster. If a chat is in a different language, you can use our translation tool, which will show both the original text and the translation. The agent can also invite another agent or a team leader if help is needed with a case, or simply forward it to another agent or queue.

Distribution of Chats

If your agents work in other channels, it might be important to you how the chats are distributed – so to help you, we have added a few different ways of doing that. Either you can fill up one agent’s chat slots before giving chats to the next agent, or you can spread them out evenly on all available agents.


We have added some chat specific standard reports for your convenience. For example, we have a tool that will help you plan how many agents you need working with chat, based on how many chats you received and how long they took the previous hour. You can also see if there were chats unanswered and help you figure out why.