One platform for all client communications


With Cention you can:

• handle all your channels in one system with pure OMNI-channel support 

• get a full 360° view of all your customers communication, including complete history

• have chat bots working side by side with your agents with seamless transfers and full history

• route all errands to the right queue, right agents and right bots automatically

• get external help with our External expert feature

• get full statistic coverage with our Reports module




  1. Foundation

    Gives you the essentials for great customer service.

    Choose the channels you want and handle unlimited:

    • Email accounts
    • Chat fronts
    • Social media pages and communications
    • SMS numbers in and outbound

  2. Professional

    Move from great to "top notch" by adding functionality on top of the Foundation edition.

    • Advanced errand handling
    • External experts
    • Q&A
    • Bots

    …and much more. View the full specification.

  3. Enterprise

    For companies that wants it all!

    All the functionality of Professional edition with business critical add ons as:

    • High availability
    • 24/7 phone, email and chat support
    • Assigned implementation professional
    • Full flexibility to support your needs



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