Cention is an OMNI-channel system with advanced query handling. It is designed to direct your agents’ workflow on a day-to-day basis. It uses a powerful skill-based query routing system to ensure that the right agent is dealing with the right queries in the right order, and provides your customers with intelligent, automated responses. 

Different priority levels are assigned to each queue, according to the SLA and internal customer service guidelines. Warnings are generated if the restrictions set by the priority level are either almost or actually broken. The warning system works by increasing the priority level of a query as it becomes more urgent, and by notifying managers or team leaders when reprioritizing is needed. 

Cention is a multi-channel tool, collecting information and working in a uniform way with data from all input channels including email, chat, SMS and Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. A phone channel can also be integrated into the universal queue, or into another system queue.

With a strong focus on rapid response and quality of answers, Cention provides all the features needed to keep track of customer interactions. As they arrive in the system, all new queries are assigned a unique ID for easy identification in both follow-up and archiving. Handling all channels with one tool, through a single, universal work space, ensures that every query and enquiry is dealt with in the correct order of priority, at all times.

Cention uses a sophisticated mechanism to make sure that agents see, and work within, their assigned areas only. Queries are automatically distributed – in order of priority – to the right person within a designated agent group.

Cention makes it easy to review previous conversations with customers. All this information is available to the agent dealing with a query, no matter the channel. With the click of a button, an agent can add notes about queries or clients. Cention uses a knowledge base to keep track of enquiries and possible answers, and the system uses this information to suggest answers to questions, so that agents don’t have to search for the answers or write their own. This guarantees that the responses sent to your clients are always correct and are written in the corporate voice, aware of possible issues.

Thanks to an intuitive user interface, training of new personnel is a short, easy process. After a couple of hours training, your new agents are able to handle customers and queries proficiently, with no reduction of service quality. Hidden and automated processes make the interface simple and intuitive for users and the knowledge base allows them to start handling queries from the start. 

Cention has been under client-driven development for nearly 20 years, which means that it is packed with all the possible features a contact center or support unit might need. Features include, but are not limited to, receipts (on arrival, and after a delayed answer), automatic signature/salutation handling, due date setting, archiving, complete history and query priority color-coding, based on criteria such as domain or content.