Cention Reports is a powerful tool for viewing and controlling what goes on in the contact centre. Cention Reports makes it possible to extract statistics in real time to help you to measure and optimise all processes within the call centre.

Reports can be created to analyse different types of statistics. Amongst other things, you can look at

  • The number of incoming tasks,
  • The average response times (customer SLA experience).
  • Processing times (operator handling time). Average processing times.
  • Average response times
  • The task return rate and generation of follow-up questions (efficiency of the centre)

Statistics can be fine-tuned. You can measure and compare the performance of a certain group of operators, a specific operator or an area, or a combination of these criteria. You can set a time period for the data to be included in your report.

Reports can also be based on classifications such as happy client, unhappy client, complaints, antichurn, or whatever else you choose, thanks to Cention Contact Centre’s comprehensive classification system. Reports can by generated at the touch of a button and can be shown in your preferred scale, ranging from seconds up to months and years. They are available in a wide set of formats, including tables and graphs, PDFs and spreadsheets, and can be viewed directly or downloaded. Everything is available in real time.

All incoming and outgoing tasks and actions are saved in the Cention Contact Centre database, which makes it possible to go back and review tasks from the very beginning. This is a tool that makes it easy to measure KPI and SLA fulfilment for any area of customer – geographical or otherwise – handled by the contact centre.

Although our various standard reports cover most client needs, custom reports can easily be set up easily, for example to show how many times a certain answer from a library has been used, or how many times the system has automatically suggested the right answer to an operator. These reports make it easier to create resource plans, as you can see trends in system traffic and predict busy periods in your customer centre. Through the export functionality in the product, ort this data can quickly be imported into a resource-planning system, although you will find that your operation can be planned and structured using just the reports.

Cention Reports has been developed in close co-operation with clients, to meet the demands of managers in their daily work.

We are proud to say that we have been verified by certified co-ordinators and Cention Reports is proven to have all the tools necessary to keep a contact centre COPC-compliant

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