The Cention System

Cention provides pure omni-channel support, directly without hassle. You can have conversations with your customers over any channel, at any time, and connect all your customers’ contact methods into one contact card. The history list shows you all conversations you have had with the customer, no matter over which channel, and you can change the response channel of communications with the click of a button.


Cention Contact Center gives you a complete 360 view of your customer communication. You can have conversations with your customers over any channel, at any time, and connect all your customers’ contact methods into one contact card. With all available channels today it’s common that customers communicate through several channels, which can mean a lot of extra work for your customer service team if the same questions are asked over several channels by the same customer. Our system gives you full control over all open errands from a customer – and you can close all errands with one answer. We also show you a complete history list over previous errands from the customer, including what was communicated and by which agent.


Cention Chat allows your agents to communicate in real time with your customers and it’s filled with nice features that will make chatting easy and fast. Adding shortcuts to answers in the knowledgebase, allows your agents to send long answers with the click of a button. Using Cention Reports you can follow up on their work and plan ahead to make sure you have enough agents active for chat when needed.

Errand Handling

One of the things that make Cention unique is our extensive errand handling features, which helps you support your business in the best ways. Here are some examples:  Due date The agents set a due date for the errand and the system will remind you to handle it in time. Queue priorities Errands in some queues are more important to deal with faster than others, and with this tool you can set up rules deciding in which order queues are supposed to be taken care of.  SLA Allows you to set up rules for every queue deciding how fast the errands should be answered. The system will show you warnings when errands are about the be expired, and an email can be sent to team leaders when errands are about the be expired or has expired. External Experts.

Sometimes your agents might have difficulties knowing how to help a customer, and need to involve a 3rd party. With our feature External experts, the agent keeps the errand while sending out a query to an external party to get help. When the expert replies, the answer will be inserted into the customer errand. The agent then reviews the answer before sending it to the customer, giving the agent full control over what will be communicated, and that the customer in fact receives an answer.


All customer services love reports, and we have just the tool for you! We deliver a large number of general reports, for example:  Handling time, to see how much time agents spend on different types of cases. SLA times, to make sure errands are closed within your service level agreement.  Number of incoming errands during different hours, to help plan your agents working hours. Closure status, to get full control over what your agents are doing. In addition to all our standard reports, you can create your own reports with our tool. You can decide who can see them and also have them sent out to specified email addresses at a specified time frame – for example, every Monday, send an Incoming report per queue for last week, specified on weekdays.


When an errand comes in to the system, you can make sure it will be routed to the right queue and to the right agents by using our very effective and “simple to use” routing feature. The routing can be done using words, phrases, from addresses/domains and to addresses, so it’s pretty much fail proof. It’s simply administrated and within a few minutes, you can have a new queue set up with routing rules.