Cention and GDPR


Cention, is an expanding multinational company. We embrace the importance of data privacy and welcome regulations as GDPR and other local laws/directives regarding data security.

In order to make our position clear to our partners/suppliers, our own staff, as well as our customers and any other parties, we here publish relevant information and documentation related to GDPR. It is a non-negotiable requirement from our side that all our partners, suppliers and their subcontractors, without exception, follows the information given here.


Our general rule is that all our partners/suppliers must, in all their activities, follow the national laws in the countries where they are operating. Should any of the following requirements by Cention, be in violation of the national law in any country or territory, the law should always be followed. In such a case, the supplier must always inform Cention immediately upon receiving this information.

It is however important to understand that Cention’s requirements may not be limited to the requirements of the national law.


Amazon Data Processing Addendum


Data Processing Addendum You may print, sign and send back this Addendum to us.

Data Protection Addendum (internal addendum to address Article 28 GDPR and Incorporating Standard Contractual Clauses for Transfers of Personal Data from the EEA to a Third Country)

EU-personal data act 2018

EU-personal data act 2018 vs PUL

Privacy by design – personal data protection

Privacy Policy


If you want to get in contact with Cention regarding GDPR:


Data Protection Officer Cention Group:

Mr Henrik Eriksson