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  • Forex

    Forex logotype
  • Resurs bank

    Resurs bank logotype
  • Ikano bank

    Ikano logotype

Call centers

  • GoExcellent

    GoExcellent logotype
  • Online

    Online logotype
  • Call4U

    Call4U logotype


  • Enk√∂pingskommun

    Enköpingskommun logotype
  • Eskilstuna kommun

    Eskilstuna kommun logotype
  • Region Midt Jylland

    Region Midt Jylland logotype

Government corporations

  • Posti

    Posti logotype
  • SJ

    SJ logotype
  • Systembolaget

    Systembolaget logotype


  • Electrolux

    Electrolux logotype
  • Sandvik

    Sandvik logotype
  • VWR International

    VWR International logotype

Information Technology

  • Evry

    Evry logotype
  • Kingston Technologies

    Kingston Technologies logotype
  • Techdata

    Techdata logotype

Insurance and security

  • AON

    AON logotype
  • Folksam

    Folksam logotype
  • G4S

    G4S logotype


  • Acne

    Acne logotype
  • Coop

    Coop logotype
  • Stadium

    Stadium logotype

Online stores

  • CDON

    CDON logotype
  • Ellos

    Ellos logotype
  • nelly.com

    nelly.com logotype


  • Apollo

    Apollo logotype
  • Finnair

    Finnair logotype
  • Vikingline

    Vikingline logotype

Online entertainment

  • HBO

    HBO logotype
  • NYX Gaming Group

    NYX Gaming Group logotype
  • Postkodlotteriet

    Postkodlotteriet logotype
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