Let’s Wrap up 2019!

Let’s wrap up 2019! It’s the last day of the year. The contact center industry 2019 leaves us to reminisce, especially for us - as we celebrate our two decades serving the contact center industry from events to adding new features to our system helping us understand a lot about what the industry needs. Making your business easier and creating…



The Power of an Omni-channel Communication Platform To some businesses, bundling together the perfect solution can be confusing or complicated. To overcome this, why not us a smarter solution that has all the communication channels needed, housed in one platform? It's called Omnichannel. Businesses can’t settle for just any omnichannel communication platform. Previously, communications tech companies come up with overly…


Why Switch to Cention?

Have you been searching endlessly for a modern software that delivers an unforgettable customer experience? You’ve finally met your match! Why Cention? Question no more. We built a platform that gives your business everything it needs to communicate with your customers. Cention is changing the way your business interact. Whether customers are reaching out from calls, email, SMS, chat, social…


Improving Contact Center Culture

Working as an agent at a contact center is a tough job for anyone. It’s no surprise the contact center industry has a high employee turnover and job dissatisfaction. Agents never know when an incoming interaction is coming in. Now combine that with high stress, long hours, minimal opportunities for advancement and seasonal fluctuations. How can businesses improve their contact…


Tips for Great Customer Support

Every great business has to have a great customer support. If you don’t emphasize going above and beyond for your customers, you’re doing something wrong. It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, creating a memorable customer experience is key. Below are a few ways to help you develop a strategy that will boost the success of your…

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