Getting to Where Customers Are: A New Frontier

Customers should not feel burdened to find you. When they do, there is a high chance that they may slip away to your competitors instead. Getting to where customers are is the key to keeping them close to your business.   Don't let them come to you. Reach out to your customers before they have to reach you.   No…


Between Sales & Customer Support: A Blurred Line

There is a thin line that separates the differences between sales and customer support. The former engages potential customers on the front lines. On the other hand, the latter’s task is to solve problems and requests made to keep them coming back for more.   They may belong in two different departments, but they share the objective of gaining and…


Improving Agents Engagement with Customers

Improving agents engagement with customers is a part of the challenge of running a contact center. Just because one method works, it will not promise you the same result every time.    Agents need to be aware of what customers want. Improving agents engagement means that they need to adapt to changes, and they need to do it fast. While…


Collaboration Among Contact Center Agents

Collaboration among contact center agents is key to improving response time and ultimately, provide better customer experience. Typically, contact center agents will receive and solve problems on their own. Roadblocks happen when an agent is not able to solve a problem due to their lack of knowledge or experience. In some places, agents can be very competitive. Especially if it is…

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Enghouse Interactive Days 2019, Stockholm

On 15-16 October 2019, Enghouse Interactive Days was held at Stockholm, Sweden. The effects of digital transformation on companies and organizations was highlighted. The panel discussions revolved around what is needed to survive in this current fast-changing pace. Helena Blomquist was invited as this year’s moderator, and Cention was proud to join the list of sponsors for this transformative event.Enghouse…

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