Choosing The Best Contact Center Software for Your Business

Choosing the best contact center software is crucial for any business. Every day, customers seek to ask questions, and which each inquiry, lies opportunity for your business to grow. However, how do you choose an excellent software that can cater to all your business needs? Here are some ways for choosing the best contact center software for your business. The…


Get Connected 2019

Get Connected 2019 is an event organized by Puzzel that highlights the latest trends and practices in the contact center industry. Various industry experts were invited to share their accumulated knowledge and insights on the ever-changing landscape of the current global business climate. The event was held in London, Norway and Sweden, and Cention was delighted to be one of the sponsors for…


A More Efficient Data Analysis with Reports

You want to keep customers happy. You want them to keep coming back to your service. Having a streamlined and efficient data analysis with reports can help you to achieve that. But, how is that possible? To provide good customer experience, agents must perform well. Short response time, satisfying response to queries, and excellent task handling are keys to keeping…


Digitize Documents with Cention x Scannervision Collaboration

Digitize documents with the latest Cention and Scannervision collaboration! This collaboration will allow for greater efficiency and productivity like never before! First and foremost, Scannervision is a software that allows you to capture, process, and store documents and easily upload them to your system or network.  Any document, regardless of whether they are scanned, downloaded from emails or other sources, can…


Contact Center Trends to Watch in 2020

As we are closing into a new year, we are seeing changes in the contact center industry, which has been steadily progressing over the past few years. Contact center trends in 2020 will dramatically evolve this industry as we know it. For instance, regardless of where your queries or errands come from, it should be easy for agents to manage…

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